Beacon Adjustment will help you take control of your claim by not only providing our own detailed estimates but negotiating these values with the insurer on your behalf. We are experts in coverage interpretation and ensure that no portion of your policy is being underpaid or neglected”. When you hire Bacon Adjustment we will deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf. This means you can get back to your daily life while we expedite your claims process. Take control of your claim with Beacon Adjustment.

Residential Losses

Regardless of the size of your loss we are here to help. From small claims under your renter’s insurance to a total fire loss on your homeowner’s policy; Beacon Adjustment can get you the settlement you deserve.

Commercial Losses

A commercial loss can be much more than a simple calculation of direct damages. There are many areas of coverage in your BOP or commercial policy. Get help from the experts at Beacon Adjustment.

Appraisal Services

When negotiations have failed in your claim most policies allow for the insured to invoke the appraisal process. Learn about the process and how Beacon Adjustment can play an integral role in a fair settlement to your claim.